4 of the Raddest & Rarest Jordans Around

When it comes to shoes, you don’t normally think of how long they’ve been on the market. They come; they go – unless they’re Jordans. The stylish basketball shoes have been around for over 30 years, claiming the namesake of legendary basketball player, Michael Jordan. But what started as functional footwear for the court, has evolved into wearable art that showcases your style and affinity for the finer things.

If you really want to show off when you step out, Jordans offer a stylish and casual option that translates from the bigwigs of hip hop to Johnny down the street. Some of these rare Jordans may spend as much time in a museum as they spend on your feet.

Coolest & Rarest Jordan Shoes

Air Jordans 6 “Olympic”

Photo: NiceKicks.com

Released in 2000, this design has a real retro look to it. The translucent rubber featured along the sole mirrors a style that screams late 80s or early 90s so don’t be surprised if you feel the urge to bust out a denim jacket while you’re at it. Only 3000 of these bad boys were made and they were sold exclusively through Nike Towns. The pair of Air Jordans 6 gets the Olympic nickname after being worn by Vin Baker and Ray Allen in the Sydney Olympics games.

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Air Jordans V (SE)

When you think shoe design, you probably don’t think of World War II fighter jets, but that’s exactly what inspired the s tyle of these shoes. The jagged design mirrors the shark’s mouth painted on the planes. This edition was the first to feature lace locks, paving the way for other basketball shoes of the future. If you’re lucky enough to get a pair of the SE made specifically for Jordan himself, you’ll find his jersey number, 23, embroidered on the side. These shoes go for a cool $10k today, but they’re not even the most expensive Jordans available.

Air Jordan 1 High Dave White ‘WINGS for the Future’

Photo: Nike.com

Michael Jordan and his brand have a charity called WINGS for the Future bringing sports and creativity to kids and schools. So in 2011 when designer Dave White designed an exclusive style for auction to benefit the charity it was no surprise they went quickly. Only 23 pairs were made and they collectively raised $23k for his charity. The Liverpool artist styled the shoes with gold toes that splattered up the shoe with stars and a red and white stripe pattern that wrapped around from the back. They even featured special laces that mimicked the design.

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Most Expensive Jordans: Air Jordan 12 (Game Worn)

Photo: Alux.com

In 1997, the Chicago Bulls were behind in a Finals game against the Utah Jazz. Jordan had the flu, but mustered enough strength to lead the team to victory in the last quarter, creating one of the most memorable events in basketball history. The game worn shoes featuring a red and black duo tone and Jordan’s signature have made history all on their own. At $104,000 for a pair of shoes, they are without a doubt the most expensive Jordans ever sold.

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In over 30 years of designs, Jordans have seen looks from classic to vintage to futuristic. Each pair tells its own story but only the coolest and rarest Jordans go down in history. Purchase wisely and maybe you could cash in your kicks for a few G’s.