Watch Cheerleaders Save the Day in Round 1 of March Madness By Going Where No Man Had Gone Before

Remember when you were a kid and the basketball got stuck in the hoop? Then you had to wait for someone with a ball to come along while everyone took turns chucking their shoes at the backboard in a desperate attempt to jostle the ball free? Well, the same thing happened during the opening round of March Madness when the game ball got tangled in a bunch of microphone cables behind the backboard. Luckily, brave cheerleaders were there to save the day. (Hold for applause.)

The St. Mary’s Gaels were up 45-29 after the half when the ball bounced high atop the backboard and never came down. Naturally, the ref stood atop a folding chair and poked at the ball with a mop for awhile until everyone was embarrassed for him. That’s when a pair of Indiana Hoosier cheerleaders skipped forward to do what they do best.

Using a classic lift, cheerleader Nathan Paris raised teammate Cassidy Cerny high enough to pluck the game ball free. And the crowd went wild. Check it out:

In fact, the magic save was so electrifying (accompanied by the thrilling play-by-play from Andrew Catalon), it felt for a moment like an omen from the sports gods – a gamechanger for the famed Hoosiers to turn their luck around and rally for a come-from-behind victory. Sadly, they ended up losing 82-53.

Despite the Hoosier’s embarrassing defeat, the pair of quick-thinking cheerleaders have cashed in on the big save by licensing their name, image, and likeness to a t-shirt company. So in support of unexpected heroes, why not make today the day you shimmy your pom-poms and snag your swag? After all, it’s for a good cause: Unleashing your inner cheer demon while monetizing every moment of life.

Cover Photo: Isaiah Vazquez (Getty Images)