NBA Action: Jusuf Nurkic Throws Pacers Fan’s Phone, And the Crowd Goes Wild (Video)

Sports games are becoming less and less about impressive athletic feats and more and more about rowdy interactions in the stands. To wit: a pro athlete who swiped and chucked a fan’s phone for reasons we’re still unclear on during an Indiana Pacers match against the Portland Trail Blazers on Sunday afternoon.

The basketball game ended with the Pacers clinching the win 129-98. But that wasn’t the headline following the final buzzer. Instead, everyone was talking about the Trail Blazers’ Jusuf Nurkic, a giant of a guy who is currently on the bench because of plantar fasciitis.

In a now-viral video, “The Bosnian Beast” is seen dressed in a burgundy suit coat and matching pants, calmly strolling over to a group of jersey-wearing sports fans sitting courtside. He stares one of them down (from his insane height of 7 feet), then nabs the fan’s phone before tossing it off-camera. Words were exchanged, but we don’t know what incited the baller’s actions. Following the incident, Nurkic sauntered off without a word.

Rumors have since circulated that the fan was heckling Nurkic throughout the game.

We don’t know about you, but if we wanted to piss off a professional athlete, we’d pick on someone our own size. (And keep our phone in our pants.)

Cover Photo: Twitter



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