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Watch Steph Curry’s 3-Year-Old Son Double-Dribble Like His Golden State Warriors Dad

Like father, like son. Golden State Warriors baller Steph Curry has clearly passed on some all-star genes to his son, 3-year-old Canon Curry.

Curry’s wife Ayesha recently posted a video to Instagram of the little tyke performing some mad basketball skills. Apparently, he can double-dribble just like his dad.

“Canon Jack out here stuntin like his daddy,” she captioned the video.


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While Curry’s mini-me has a knack for imitating his father’s warm-up tricks, he won’t take direction when it comes to shooting those balls.

“He’s got a hoop on his wall, and he’s been testing his range a little bit,” Curry said in an interview with NBC Sports’ Dubs Talk this past winter. “And I try to give him some pointers on how to shoot, but he won’t listen. And he’ll tell me, ‘No this is how I’m doing it.'”

With all due respect to junior, maybe he should listen to his dear old dad. The 6’3” NBA player has four championships and an NBA Finals MVP trophy under his belt. At only 34 years old, he’s arguably a Top 10 all-time baller, if not a Top 5.

As NBC Sports described Steph Curry: “His imprint on basketball is greater than anyone since Michael Jordan — and in one way even bigger. Steph has taken the 3-point shot, formerly the domain of specialists, and made it central to success. He is, literally, a game-changer.”

Those are quite the shoes to fill – and we aren’t even talking about Curry’s 13.5 sneaker size.

Cover Photos: Instagram and Nathaniel S. Butler / NBAE (Getty Images)


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