Coolest Sneakers of 2015

For the sneaker heads out there, we know the real prize are the rare, vintage or collectible kicks, but even those difficult-to-find items had to start as a new sneaker at one point. Smart collectors know that one of the easiest ways to start a collection is buying current sneakers that they predict will maintain their value, or increase in value in coming years. Or, maybe you’re just a sneaker head that likes to rock the latest fashions. There’s no wrong answers in the sneaker game.

Either way, we’re here to rock your world with some of our picks for the coolest sneakers of 2015. Check these beauties out.

Air Jordan 1 Retro “Chicago”

Photo: YouTube

These should instantly look familiar to any Jordan collector. These throwback-looking retro kicks pay homage to the original Jordans, the shoe that started it all for a lot of sneaker collectors. This version is actually the fourth release of the “Chicago” with previous iterations hitting shelves in 1985, 1997 and 2005.

These red, black and white Nike’s are a great addition to any collection, and if you aren’t lucky enough to own the original Air Jordan, then these are as close as you’ll probably ever get.

Kobe “Fundamental”


While Kobe might be winding down, this shoe is just getting started. The simple white sneaker features mesh sides, a thick sole and the trademark Nike swoosh in all black on the side. These shoes have a vintage appeal, and while they’re a bit on the low side for your typical basketball shoe, Nike ensures us that this simple sneaker can run with the best of them. Alley oop!

UNFTD, BAPE and Adidas “Superstar”


This shoe has infinite collector appeal, as collaborations in the shoe industry are somewhat rare – especially collaborations featuring three shoe makers that are rather famous in their own right. Both Bape and Adidas collaborated on this sweet pair of kicks. These shell toe classics come in white with blue accents and a blue camo interior and then black with a white toe and black and white camo interior. Both of which are hot, and made for the shoe lover in you. Get them.

Nike KD7 “What The”


Another Nike shoe on the list should surprise no one. Nike dominates the collections of most shoe collectors, so another inclusion on the list isn’t abnormal. What is abnormal is the shoe appropriately named “What The.” These futuristic-looking sneakers feature bright colors that are just as much a nod to street graffiti as they are to the game of basketball. These sneakers are from Kevin Durant’s “pro series” and the patchwork upper artwork is, unique, to say the least.

Adidas Originals Yeezy Boost 750


This shoe is the product of the hysteria after the original announcement that Kanye West and Adidas would collaborate on a sneaker. Sneaker might be the wrong word, as these resemble a boot just as much as a sneaker. The soles are all sneaker, while the sueded upper screams high fashion boot. The laces and strap are caught somewhere in-between the two. While classification might be difficult, the end product is definitely worth an addition to your collection.

Tell us what you think are the coolest sneakers of 2015 in the comment section below.