PornHub’s TwerkingButt is the Most Ridiculous Use of Virtual Reality Yet


There’s been a lot of talk about the application of virtual reality when it comes to watching porn, and the general opinion is that if you strap a VR headset on someone and make them feel like they’re actually involved in a porn video, they may never leave the house again. Popular porn site PornHub has now gone one step further, complementing VR with a device they’re calling the ‘TwerkingButt,’ a $1,000 robotic posterior that essentially simulates the incredibly hyperactive ass of a woman.

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Making use of CyberSkin technology that, along with presumably feeling just like a real-life ass, can warm itself up to match the temperature of the human body, the TwerkingButt will release alongside PornHub’s own virtual reality headset and a smartphone app that will both combine to make the user feel like they’re actually grabbing a real butt, rather than the creepy, rubbery, disembodied butt they actually have their hands on.

You can also pre-order the standard TwerkingButt which comes with the ass but doesn’t include the “multiple twerking patterns” limited to to the $1,000 deluxe edition. PornHub says that the TwerkingButt features “customizable rhythms, massage speeds and sensual vibrations,” but unfortunately it won’t feature the human companionship that future TwerkingButt owners will so sorely need.

You can purchase the TwerkingButt right here, if that’s your thing, which I hope for your sake that it isn’t.