Pick the Right iPhone 6 Case for your Lifestyle

With more iPhones that humans on Planet Earth these days*, there seem to be just as many case options to help protect that precious phone made mostly of glass. (Thanks, Apple.)

So many of the case options out there will protect your phone and its screen perfectly well. But, choosing any case seems like picking any car or any pair of shoes. With so many protection choices on the market, it’s possible to fit your case to your lifestyle.

Below you’ll find case options organized by how man goes about his daily business. We can’t cover every case possible or consider every lifestyle because this is only a short feature, and we got stuff to do. But, it’s a good stating off point — a bit of a primer.

We begin with…

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The Busy Man: He is on the run and living with his phone as an essential element of his workday. He cannot afford that iPhone to die, even though he’s riding it pretty hard and battering that battery. He must have a recharging case — protection that offers an additional battery option.

Two newer players in that game are the BuQu PowerArmour Battery Case ($39.99). Not only does it offer hearty protection, but it essentially doubles battery life. And, that excellent price is also a prime bonus. The Spyder PowerShadow Battery Case amps up the price to $99.99, but is thinner and lighter than the BuQu. And, the Spyder is antimicrobial.

The Stylish Man: Sure, he wants it protected, but he’s more concerned with making a fashion statement with his iPhone than keeping it alive or waterproofed. So, he can choose from cases made from attractive materials that stray away from the usual suspects of metal, rubber and plastic.

The CLIC Marble from Native Union ($79.99) is self-explanatory. It’s made of pure marble, and it allows the user to talk into Grecian pillar instead of a colored plastic slab. Meanwhile, the folks at GroveMade reach out to the Greenie/Hippie user with its wooden and bamboo bases made of all natural materials.

The Practical Man: He likes to stay organized. He likes to keep all his eggs in one basket, and then pays very close attention to the basket. The Griffin Identity Wallet Case ($34.99) acts as an iPhone 6 case, a wallet and a pocket organizer, keeping phone, money and ID in one spot. Griffin even allows buyers to custom order an Identity that fits their needs and, well, identity.

The Active Man: He runs. He jumps, He bikes. He swims, He flies. And, if he falls, he’ll need a case offering maximum protection from impact and the elements.

The Catalyst Waterproof ($69.99) and the Satechi GoMate Waterproof ($29.99) both protect against total water submersion — making them prime options for summer fun use around pools and the beach.The Catalyst is sized specifically for iPhone 6, while the Satechi design works for a general variety of cellphones.

The Griffin Survivor ($21.99) offers serious, all around protection from impact, water, dust, etc. The Slim version of the Survivor also keeps down the bulk and weight that comes with some ultra-protective cases.

The Klutz: This entry could just as easily have been called The Soldier since the Urban Armor Gear line is designed to military specs. A selection from their product line provides maximum drop protection worthy of combat field use — more than enough if the user in question isn’t a soldier, but tends to be a bit of a fumbling clown as he stumbles through his daily life. 

* Confirmed by the Bureau of Absolutely Made Up Facts