Stan Lee Reaches Out to YouTube Video Makers to Create New Superheroes


Comic book king Stan Lee is teaming up with YouTube Spaces in order to provide YouTube video makers a platform in which to create their own superheroes, with the legendary Marvel writer and the video sharing platform providing the budget, sets and props for these original superheroes to be featured in their own original shows, set to be broadcast exclusively on the site.

Lee’s POW! Entertainment and YouTube will be hosting the series of events in one of the YouTube Spaces facilities located in LA. Check out the video in which Lee runs down his ambitions for this program below:

The videos will be broadcast on Lee’s World of Heroes YouTube page, with the company providing some unique sets in order for video makers to bring their creations to life, along with the obligatory green screen for the action sequences.

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Below is the “science lab” stage where presumably someone will suffer an unfortunate mishap that grants them their superpowers:


While it’s unlikely that any of those amateur productions are going to rival the likes of Avengers: Age of Ultron in terms of viewership, it’s certainly a great way for budding filmmakers, scriptwriters and actors alike to get a taste of what its like to be behind the wheel of a blockbuster superhero movie.