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Watch Kid Rock Ride Penis-Shaped Rocket While Comparing Himself to Brad Pitt in New Music Video (The First Part Makes Total Sense)

Just when you thought Kid Rock had, well, crawled under a rock and died, he comes back with an outrageous music video that’s trending in the No. 10 spot on YouTube.

Yes, the white trash country rapper is back and more obnoxious than ever in a loud, dumb, and vulgar music video for his track “Don’t Tell Me How to Live.”

Perhaps the, um, highlight of the 4-minute, 11-second catastrophe is when Kid Rock rides a rocket shaped like the bastard child of a middle finger and a dick. Take a look at the 2:13 mark:

If you weren’t turned off yet, wait, it gets worse. The rapper compares himself to none other than Our Lord and Savior, Brad Pitt.

“I’m like Reverend Run or David Lee Roth / Like Springsteen bitch, I’m the motherfucking boss / James Dean, shit, I’m more like Brad Pitt,” he “sings” in the video. While he admits he’s a “little less pretty” than Pitt, he also boasts that he “slings more dick” than the Academy Award-winning actor.

Um, yeah, no. There isn’t any amount of alcohol or drugs (and we’re sure you’ve tried them all) that would convince of us that, Kid.

Twitter was ready to battle on Pitt’s behalf.

There isn’t even a redneck trailer park where the Pitt-Kid Rock comparison would fly.

Somebody, please, tell Mr. Rock to sit down and shut up. We’ve heard enough garbage out of his mouth to last a lifetime.

We won’t tell you how to live, Kid, but don’t make us watch, either.

Cover Photo: YouTube