certified lover boy

Mandatory Funniest Tweets: Drake’s ‘Certified Lover Boy’ Album, Certified Genius or Certified Crap?

Move over, Donda. Certified Lover Boy is in the house. And he is kicking your ass. Drake’s new album dropped on Friday and quickly broke records at Apple Music and Spotify for the most streams in one day.

But just because people are listening doesn’t mean they’re all swooning for the crooner’s new tunes. In fact, the internet seemed divided, unable to decide if the songs are certified genius or certified crap. From the pregnant lady emojis on the album cover to the sappy lyrics, there’s plenty of fodder for social media vultures. And Twitter showed up for the release with jokes galore.

These are the funniest tweets about Drake’s Certified Lover Boy.

Cover Photos: Jerritt Clark / Contributor (Getty Images) and OVO