One Man Built His Own Dream Home and This Is How He Did It

A man has built his own dream home in the middle of the beautiful mountainous surroundings of British Columbia, putting us all to shame with his incredible DIY skills.

The contractor shared his experience on Reddit, revealing the great deal of hard work and effort that goes into avoiding pesky real estate agents/landlords and constructing shelter with your own two hands.

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Though we couldn’t possibly imagine finding it within ourselves to dedicate the time and effort to complete this amazing feat, we do like to take the voyeuristic approach of browsing through the multiple photos he took of the development of his home, and imagine that someday, perhaps when we’re retired, we will also leave the rest of the world behind to construct a two-storey building near Oregon.

You can take a look through the man’s grand project, from its humble beginnings as a bit of concrete layered over some grass to a handsome structure complete with a deck and its own telephone pole, in the gallery below:

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