Dude Who Loves to Knit Gets All the Girls on TikTok (Now There’s One Seduction Tactic We’ve Never Tried)

If you think you’ve tried everything imaginable to get a girl, think again. We bet you haven’t tried to knit. But picking up a pair of needles and some thread just might be the fastest way to a woman’s heart (or other body parts), if one man’s TikTok account can be believed.

His name is Jude Moore, and the 26-year-old from Essex, England, has built an overnight female fan base because of this viral knitting video:

@judemoore_ I love it #fyp #foryou #knitting ♬ Roses Are Red – Mac Band

Before you say this dude looks like a dork, just check out the comments section.

“I think you’re brilliant, there should be more men out there like you,” one admirer wrote.

“I think I’ve just met my match,” someone swooned.

“he is a dream,” a third opined.

“Could watch u all day,” another flirted.

Unfortunately for the ladies, Moore is taken.

“My girlfriend loves it, I’ve taught her how to knit. We’ve knitted together a couple of times,” he told South West News Service. “I can imagine us, when we get our own place, sitting together in the evening and knitting. Over lockdown, when she was at mine most of the time, I’d be knitting every night in bed and she’d be next to me watching.”

While he admits the arts-and-crafts hobby is odd for a young man, he hopes that by spreading the gospel, other guys will get over themselves and give it a try.

“I want to make it a thing where young boys will make their little girlfriends a jumper or something,” he said.

What do you think, fellas? Are you man enough to take up knitting? This seduction tactic might be worth a try…

Cover Photo: TikTok