Australia, Prepare For Hot Chip Vending Machines

A Perth company is getting ready to release the first ever Australian hot chip vending machines.

In a move likely to raise the eyebrows of fast food snack fiends and seagulls alike, The Hot Chips Company and partner Bendotti Exporters are nearing the end of a five-year research and development period which has seen the computer operated vending machines trialled extensively.

The vending machines produce freshly cooked chips in just over two minutes and are expected to feature in hotels and servos across the nation by Christmas.   

“You put your money in and it goes from frozen to the fryer and in your cup within two minutes and 20 seconds,” Bendotti Exporters director Stephen Bendotti told ABC Rural.

“It’s a very sophisticated computer essentially, in a lot of ways,” Hot Chips Company CEO Peter Malone added. “With robotic technology delivering a cup of hot chips, cooked in approximately two minutes to the user.”

Four vending machines are currently be trialled in Adelaide and Perth (check out one spotted here) and developers are aiming to reduce cook times closer to the two-minute mark ahead of the wide scale launch.

A similar automatic chip dispenser was recently spotted in Belgium, producing a 135g pot of fries in 90 seconds.

Photo: Getty Images.


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