What’s up, Chuck? Everything On Converse Kicks

You know things are good when they seep into your subconscious at some point without you knowing it. Like toilet paper or running water as a kid. Both always showed up at the right time and were super useful. It’s likely the same with your first pair of Chucks.

Your dad had a few pairs. Your older brother’s garage band rocked them. Your friends wore them to school. And soon Converse became a quintessential wardrobe item that went with everything from your Op shorts to your Levi’s.

Converse never had a “moment” like checkerboard Vans. They were never hugely popular with one certain crowd (skate or die dude) and you never had to beg your parents for a pair (ala Air Jordans). They were obnoxiously affordable and incredibly cool. Plus, a new pair of Converse may have stepped in to replace your Wallabee’s. And that was a spiritual moment for sure.

Everyone wore them – regardless of age, socioeconomic class or personal style. Which is what makes Converse so classic. From boys in the hood to men on the Red Carpet, there isn’t anyone who can’t wear these cool kicks and look good. Damn good. Like, I’m not even trying and I look good.

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It’s the “I just threw these on” vibe that makes them so loved. Throw on a pair of Converse and suddenly you’re in – the club, with the cool kids at school, a vagina. Think of Converse as your cost of admission to the land of goodness.

There is no right or wrong way, color or style with these smooth sneaks. If you’re headed on a date, throw them on with denim and you’re done. Roll the cuffs and you’ve just elevated your fashion sense – and your ability to score – like six notches. But always wear them sans socks (you knew that). Pair the Chuck Taylor Elsie Rolldown X-Hi or the Jack Purcell Quilted Mid with dark jeans, a white tee and a v-neck. When you’re headed to the office, wear the Chuck Taylor All Start Tartan Plaid. Pair them with chinos and a button-down to show your subordinates you’re actually not the asshole they think. If you only knew earlier, right?

You’re a respectable dude, so there’s no way you’re wearing sneakers to a wedding or funeral. Or maybe there is. Suit up with slim-fitting slacks and a jacket, and watch how the right pair of Converse takes your outfit from stiff to stylish. These Ox Canvas go great with a simple suit – black, navy, grey or khaki. Don’t try to pull off patterns just yet – leave it for Robert Downey Jr. 

And when you’re kicking it on the weekends, choose any color or style you want no matter what you’re wearing. Be a star in the basic Chuck Taylor All Star high top and shine bright in All Star Metallics. Sporting any pair of Converse insures that your outfit will come together. Cause even if it doesn’t . . it just does.

(Image Credit: Getty)