The Brief on Booze: Bottle Locks

It’s Christmas, which means the drinks will be flowing and, being a typical Scrooge, you’ll want to keep your finest alcohol out of the hands of overly familiar family members/rogue children. In that case, you’re going to want to get your hands on one of these bottle locks from Lockey USA.

These bottle locks fit over the top of your bottles of liquor/spirits/wine, and require a personalized key code to be entered in order for you to gain access to them. This means that no one will be swigging on your good stuff, and that 60-year-old bottle of whiskey you inherited from your grandpa will remain protected while everyone rifles through your cupboards in the name of the drunken holiday spirit.

You can grab one of these bottle locks right now from When your most expensive drinks are safely tucked away harm, feel free to thank us later.


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