Banish Those Blemishes for Good


Waking up to Mount Vesuvius really blows. Especially on a morning when you’re hoping to squeeze in a workout before heading to your job – not squeeze out unsightly puss and dirt from your pimples. The consolation here is that the bumpy ride you’re on isn’t entirely your fault. Family history, stress and hormones are all crater culprits once you get past your teens. So stop reaching for those Stridex Pads and fight your acne like a man. You can turn your fiery face into a clear complexion with the proper products and the right pustule-popping techniques.


Cleanse and Control


Buy an acne-fighting cleanser made especially for your skin type. (Are you really wondering what your skin type is? Dude, you’re oily.) Wash your face in the morning, after working out and once more before bed. Stop scrubbing, which can lead to premature popping and scaring, and simply use your fingertips to wash in circles along your face and jaw line. Rinse with warm water and pat your face with a clean towel.


Extract with Ease


The worst thing you can do is go at a pimple like it’s an unending vessel for pleasure. You’ve got the green light if the pimple is white. Otherwise, lay off. Buy a stainless steel extraction tool from the drugstore, place it on top of the whitehead and gently push down to release the puss completely without jamming the tool into your skin. Apply some toner to a cotton ball and dab the spot immediately afterward. This wipes away the newly released oil and sebum, and protects the open area from dirt and debris … which becomes the breeding ground for yet another zit.


Pack on the Products


For the love of all that’s good and holy, stop reaching for benzoyl peroxide alone. You’re not 16 anymore – you need the hard stuff. Salicylic acid and sulfur are two powerful ingredients that work to diminish existing pimples and help new ones from forming. Salicylic acid sloughs off dead, dirty skin cells while sulfur acts as an antibacterial agent that actually works to unclog your juicy pores. If you use an acne product with retinoids, you’ve just upped your game and might dodge scaring.


‘Member to Moisturize


Hell. No. You say. But here’s the thing: acne-fighting medications strip your face of its natural oils, so you have to replenish with moisturizer or your body will work overtime to compensate for all the dryness. Purchase an oil-free moisturizer and use it after you apply the medication. This will also help conceal any peeling and flakiness from the meds.


Dial the Dermo


Some situations require a doctor’s attention. Think of it this way: your pimples are not your dick. You never want them hard and deep. And if they are, it’s called cystic acne, which can’t be cleared in front of your bathroom mirror no matter what. So visit a board-certified dermatologist who can prescribe stronger topical and oral medications, and inject your nodules with cortisone. Yep – acne injections exist and they work. Don’t pretend you aren’t thrilled to hear that bit of news.