Seidio Innocell Plus Case Doubles iPhone 5’s Talk Time

Ongoing battery problems for the iPhone 5 makes a case with a backup battery seem like an absolute necessity. The designers at Seidio reported for duty, ready to help with the Innocell Plus.

With the last couple updates of the iPhone’s iOS, there come continued reports of users finding their power levels dropping rapidly and fluctuating suddenly. While Apple supposedly works to correct the problem, case manufacturers continue to offer up gadgets that protect the iconic phone’s delicate glass screen while packing a backup power source to increase the iPhone’s energy supply. 

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The Innocell Plus is Seidio’s latest entry into the booster case market, looking to muscle its way in amidst major players in that market (Mophie, Duracell or Powerskin).

The Innocell uses a two part protective design different from its competition. The battery case portion is a simple, flat, portable plug-in base that cradles the iPhone 5. A sized locking ring wraps around the phone and its cradle, locking it in and protecting a little direction impact breathing room for the phone’s screen.

I like the simplicity of that design as it does away with the weaknesses some of the competition have. For example, I like the work Mophie is doing, but its booster cases for iPhone require the two halves of the case to be locked together before the iPhone will get its charging boost. If that lock up is not securely made, there’s no juice.

The Innocell is more plug and play, as the iPhone will charge the moment it’s popped into the battery case.

While testing battery life is an inexact science depending on app usage, screen brightness, call times, etc., the overall boost capability of the Innocell tested out similarly to its competitors. Until Apple figures out how to keep an iPhone 5 battery alive longer, this Seidio offering is a good insurance plan against external damage and dead air.