Summer Grilling Guy’d Challenge: BBQ Your Pizza

There are certain foods that are easily wed to the grill — such as steaks, brats, hot dogs and corn on the cob. Anyone with a rudimentary understanding of these treats can get them on and off an open fire with a degree of deliciousness.

But, a grill master needs to challenge himself. He must seek out entrees that grilling rarely graces. He must, in fact, barbecue a frozen pizza.

The minds behind Palermo’s Frozen Pizza in Milwaukee (a town that knows something about pizza, grilling and eating in general) insist the barbecue is a perfectly reasonable place to “bake” your pie, especially if the heat of summer make the kitchen uncomfortable.

The following instructions are prepared to cook any of Palermo’s many varieties on just about any kind of backyard grill. Once you select your pizza, proceed to your cheesy destiny.

1. Pre-heat the Grill

For Gas Grills: Pre-heat the grill to the required temperature setting for 10 minutes. Only turn on the burners that will not be directly under the pizza.

For Charcoal Grills: Pre-heat the grill by building a fire with the charcoal until the briquettes are covered with a light gray ash. This is the main sign the coals are ready.

2. Use Indirect Heat

For Gas Grills: If there is enough room, light the burners on two sides of pizza. Otherwise, light one side and cook the pizza on the unlit side.

For Charcoal Grills: Spread the coals. Because most charcoal grills are round, spread the coals around the outside of the base. Arrange the coals in a doughnut shape, leaving the middle empty, or push all the briquettes to one side.

3. Keep the Lid Closed – Keep the lid closed as much as possible. If the pizza toppings do not look done, but the crust is finished, opening the lid too frequently may have allowed heat to escape. In other words, if you’re lookin’, you ain’t cookin’.

4. Turn the Pizza – Always turn the pizza at least once during the grilling process for even cooking.

5. Clean the Grill Grates – Clean the grill grates before and after cooking a pizza to keep your grill ready for next time.

Note: Gas and charcoal grill heat will vary greatly. Rely on previous grilling experience and the appearance of the pizza.


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