These 16 Grills and Accessories Are on Sale and Ready to Make It Feel Like Summer Year-Round

Summer may be over, but who says you have to put away your barbecue apron? Everyone knows grilled food and its crisscross marks will always reign supreme, no matter the weather. So if you’re trying to get your sizzle, fizzle, and flip on at any time of year, here are 16 of the finest grills, outdoor ovens, and accessories that are guaranteed to get every bit of flavor bursting out of your steak. Best part? They’re all on sale!

Anvil-Go Gas Infrared Grill

This propane grill heats up quickly and provides even heat distribution and cooking. It’s great for those large gatherings, as you can load it up your favorite meats, vegetables, and snacks so even you can enjoy the party. Crafted with food-grade stainless steel, this gas grill is super easy to assemble, disassemble, and clean. You can even pop the parts in the dishwasher.

Buy now: Get the Anvil-Go Gas Infrared Grill for $178.99, or 16% off the retail price of $215

O-Yaki 7.5” Skewer System

This set of nine 7.5” stainless steel skewers and stand works for almost all oven types, including the smaller European-size ovens and countertop ovens. It’s dishwasher safe too, and comes with a booklet that shows you how to upgrade your grilling game.

Buy now: Get the O-Yaki 7.5” Skewer System for $33, or 17% off the retail price of $39

Smokeless Non-Stick Indoor/Outdoor Grill

Indoor grilling can be just as great as taking it outside, and with grills like this non-stick one, you don’t have to worry about choking on smoke while you flip the food around. It’s also great for people trying to eat healthy, as it reduces cholesterol and fat content in your food while sealing in the juices. We like the sound of that.

Buy now: Get the Smokeless Indoor/Outdoor Grill for $24.99, or 49% off the retail price of $49

Dutton Gas Infrared Grill

Quarantine made snacking at home really easy (unfortunately), but if you’re trying to level up and make some yourself, you can do it with the Dutton Grill. This grill has a rapid heating element that makes your steak extra juicy, your pizza just the right level of crispy, and your shrimp a lot sweeter. Whether it’s salmon or lamb chops, you name it, Dutton makes it perfect.

Buy now: Get the Dutton Gas Infrared Grill for $319

Heat-Resistant BBQ Gloves

Most people would rather grill with their bare hands because it makes them look cooler, but we’ve got some advice for you: Fire is hot. An open flame is an accident waiting to happen, but you can keep your hands away from the madness with these heat-resistant gloves made from silicone that’s designed to give you non-slip protection, while remaining flexible enough to grip small kitchen utensils. It also feels super-soft inside, thanks to the polyester cotton lining.

Buy now: Get the Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves for $15.99, or 68% off the retail price of $49

GrillEye Pro Plus Grilling & Smoking Thermometer

It’s OK if you find it boring to hang around a barbecue waiting for food to cook. With the GrillEye Pro Plus Thermometer, you can track the temperature of your grill even from a distance. This device connects via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and it works via cloud when you’re not within Wi-Fi range. Don’t worry, the thermometer is made from space-grade aluminum that won’t melt into your food.

Buy now: Get the GrillEye Pro Plus Grilling Thermometer for $99.99

Fremont Wood Fire Pizza Oven

With the Fremont Pizza Oven, you can make crisp, tasty, cheesy pizza using wood fire for that extra flavor you usually pay a premium for at your local boutique foodie joint. One bite will transport you right to Italy. The multipurpose oven also lets you whip up steaks, fish, lamb chops, burgers, salmon, and so much more.

Buy now: Get the Fremont Wood Fire Pizza Oven for $279, or 24% off the retail price of $368

Granite Stone Diamond Smokeless Grill

Here’s another grill that lets you set up an indoor BBQ without all the nasty smoke. The Granite Stone grill has a temperature dial that helps keep the heat at a normal level and gives you a perfect grilling experience every time. The electric-heated grilling grate lets you cook healthier and less oily meat, and when it’s over, you can clean this guy up real easily, thanks to the triple-layer nonstick titanium and diamond-infused coating.

Buy now: Get the Granite Stone Diamond Smokeless Grill for $59.99, or 20% off the retail price of $74

Firepod Portable Pizza Oven

The Firepod sounds too cool to be an oven, but it makes even cooler stone-baked pizza, so that’s fair. You can use the oven as a grill and as a hot-rock cooker too—all you have to do is interchange the cooking sets for whatever you want to make. Plus, it’s portable, so you can take it with you anywhere.

Buy now: Get the Firepod for $359.99, or 10% off the retail price of $400

Firepod Bundle: Oven + Griddle

You can take it a step further and score that portable pizza oven with a reversible cast iron griddle and skillet that turns your Firepod into a dope BBQ. It’s all in this bundle.

Buy now: Get the Firepod Bundle for $449.99, or 9% off the retail price of $498

GoSun Go Portable Solar Oven

A solar-powered oven? Sounds fancy! The GoSun Go is so versatile and portable, you can take it anywhere to bake, roast, steam, and boil basically anything in just 20 to 30 minutes, using nothing but heat from the sun’s rays! It also saves up energy, so even when the sun’s not out, you can still get your grill on with GoSun Go.

Buy now: Get the GoSun Go for $116, or 16% off the retail price of $139

Blazing Bull Portable Infrared Grill

The Blazing Bull uses infrared tech to give you Michelin-star quality steak in just a few minutes, as well as a perfect, flavored crust you won’t believe you made yourself. The grill comes with carrying handles, a lift handle to adjust the grill grate up and down, a gas knob, and a battery-operated igniter to light it up in seconds.

Buy now: Get the Blazing Bull for $1,250

O-Yaki Perfectly Portable Grill Set

It’s another one from O-Yaki—this Perfectly Portable Grill Set includes a pair of tongs, a carving fork, a carving knife, skewers, a spatula, and a basting brush. It’s also very compact and easy to store and carry, which is perfect for picnics, camping trips, and other fun, outdoorsy stuff.

Buy now: Get the O-Yaki Portable Grill Set for $43.99, or 25% off the retail price of $59

Reusable Heat-Resistant BBQ Grilling Pads

When your food keeps falling between the grates or sticking to the surface, that’s bad for both your meal and your grill. non-stick cooking mat like this one decreases grime (and therefore cleaning time) and unintentional food sacrifice to the fire gods (and therefore your reputation as Grill Master). The mat works with any kind of barbecue—Weber, Charbroil, Big Green Egg, smoker, charcoal, propane, gas, or electric—and it can be cut to any size or shape. It’s also reusable and dishwasher safe.

Buy now: Get the Reusable Heat Resistant BBQ Grilling Pads for $8.95, or 10% off the retail price of $9

Otto Lite: Professional Steak Grill

No one really likes to wait around for dinner, so it helps to go for fast-heating grills that won’t leave your food charred, like the Otto Lite Professional Steak Grill. It has two simultaneously controlled radiant infrared burners that reach 1500°F within three minutes. Grills like these create a delicious, crunchy sear that seals in juices and flavor. As a bonus, the gas-powered ceramic burners are fuel-efficient, prevent nasty flare-ups, and are independently adjustable to guarantee maximum control over the temperature you need to cook steak, meat, fish, and pizza.

Buy now: Get the Otto Lite: Professional 1500°F Steak Grill for $699, or 22% off the retail price of $899

Party Grill: Raclette Tabletop Grill

If you’re looking for a little twist on the traditional, then you should totally go for the raclette method and gather ’round this adorable appliance. With the Party Grill, you and your guests can cook a variety of dishes together with the items available in front of you. It’s perfect for small gatherings, which is what everyone should be aiming for these days.

Buy now: Get the Raclette Tabletop Grill for $69.99, or 30% off the retail price of $99

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