White Google Glass Sells Out on Day One of Release

The white model of the Google Glass has sold out on its first day of release.

A 24-hour sale made the much-discussed new piece of technology available to the US general public for the first time, with the high-tech frames being sold for a whopping $1,500. However, that high price point didn’t prevent it from shifting a few units, with the white Google Glass frames selling out during the 24-hour period. The other four colors made available by Google were all still available to purchase by the end of the sale, and the company has not revealed the exact numbers of the amount of frames it’s shifted.

Google Glass has courted much controversy since its announcement, with its forward-facing camera leading to privacy concerns and many believing that it is highly overpriced considering the minimal use it provides over smartphones, tablets etc. Technology analyst Bethany Simpson said: “It’s a great device. I love it, I utterly geek out on it, but it’s no way worth $1,500 unless you’re making a specific investment.

“But if you asked whether you should buy it, and you’re a geek from the inside who just wants to be hands-on with something that’s brand new, that nobody has really ever touched before, then sure.”

The Google Glass recently made headlines thanks to the Google Glass Explorer program, which is allowing sick children to virtually visit the zoo by using the frames. Watch the video of the Google Glass Explorer program in action right here