"Photo of a young man watching filling his gas tank, watching in disbelief as the dollar amount climbs on the gas pump display too quickly to comprehend."

8 Creative Ways to Pay For Insanely Expensive Gas

Just when Americans thought 2020 and 2021 were incredibly awful years, 2022 came rolling and was all like “hold my beer.” Russian dictator Vladimir Putin decided to invade Ukraine, gas and food prices are higher than Snoop Dogg on 420, and elementary kids are getting slaughtered in schools while our spineless leaders continue to simp for the NRA. It’s a good thing recreational marijuana is becoming legal in more states since we surely need it.

Since nobody in Washington cares about accountability or facts, the two parties just go back and forth blaming each other. While President Biden and some Democrats in Congress have had the courage to call out the greedy oil companies for gouging in their one last hoorah before we convert to electric cars, right-wingers just scream at Brandon for making them pay to drive their lifted big-boy trucks. Sure, the Consumer Price Index is at a 40-year high, but then corporate profits, especially big oil, are also at a 50-year high.

But while our useless leaders scream at one another and corporate media makes up shit to make the opposing side look bad, Americans are left to wonder just how the fuck they’re going to drive down the block without having to take out a second mortgage. Indeed, staying at home is now a thing of choice these days, as opposed to the lockdowns of 2020. This has many Americans devising strategies to offset the cost of pretty much everything and still afford gas. That said, we at Mandatory have come up with some creative ways to pay for expensive gas.

Cover Photo: jhorrocks (Getty Images)