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Caucasian businessman pumping expensive fuel

8 Ingenious Fuel Alternatives to Fill Your Tank With Until Gas Prices Go Down

Everything is super expensive right now and nothing is good. Now that we’ve mostly contained Covid and learned to live with it, we can finally go out and pretend to enjoy people again. Oh, but that’s not possible when we have to take out a mortgage to fill up our car’s tank due to insane gas prices.

Indeed, the cost of gas is at an all-time high as the oil companies do anything and everything to gouge us until they’re replaced by electric vehicles. And since nobody in Washington cares about accountability or facts, the two parties just go back and forth blaming each other.

President Biden and some Democrats in Congress have at least tried to call out the greedy oil companies for gouging, whereas right-wingers just scream at Brandon for making them pay to drive their lifted big boy trucks. Sure, the Consumer Price Index is at a 40-year high, but then corporate profits, especially big oil, are also at a 50-year high.

We’re well aware of the alternative fuel sources to using the internal combustion engine. For example, hybrid and electric cars. But since Teslas are still way too pricey and nobody really wants to drive a stupid Toyota Prius, there’s got to be some ingenious alternatives to paying crazy gas prices, right? We shouldn’t have to choose between looking like a smug dork in a Toyota Prius or a smug douche in a Tesla. We here at Mandatory have come up with some pretty freaking ingenious alternatives to use until gas prices go down.

Cover Photo: John M Lund Photography Inc (Getty Images)