Wendy’s Drops New Frosty Flavor (And We Hear It’s Berry Good)

Photo: Wendy’s

When it comes to iconic, memorable fast-food items, it’s difficult to find anything on any menu more shrouded in nostalgia than Wendy’s iconic Frosty. First introduced in 1969, the beloved frozen treat was originally launched in “light chocolate,” which is a combination of chocolate and vanilla. It stayed the only Frosty flavor until 2006 when vanilla was added to the menu. Since then, it’s been those two flavors alone. That is, until now.

Beginning this week, Wendy’s is launching a much-anticipated Strawberry Frosty. It makes sense to us as the three classic ice cream flavors are strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. Sadly, at least right away, we won’t be able to enjoy all three Frosty flavors.

The addition of the summery, sweet strawberry flavor means one of the other Frostys has to go. “Why?” you may ask. Apparently, since they only served two varieties for the last 15 or so years, the Frosty machines are only set up to serve two different flavors, not three. And, since there’s no way they’re taking the classic Frosty off the menu, vanilla is going to say goodbye for a while until they figure out a way to make all three. (Seriously, guys? You haven’t figured this out yet?)

Proving that it’s going to be a summer of strawberries at the popular burger chain, Wendy’s is also launching a limited-time Summer Strawberry Chicken Salad that’s prepared with sliced strawberries, applewood smoked bacon, and grilled chicken, all on top of lettuce and spring mix, then topped with a blend of Italian cheeses, candied almonds, and a sweet Champagne vinaigrette.

While that summery salad sounds all well and good, we’ll just buy two Frosties (one of each flavor) and pair them with some salty, crunchy french fries and call it a day. What could be better than that on a hot summer day?