The New Graduate Cocktail Guide to Surviving the Sickness of the Real World For Beginners

Photo: Catherine Falls Commercial

So, you graduated from college. (Pause for a celebratory cocktail!) You (hopefully) received a degree (and had a few internships) that will allow you to actually get a job right out of college. (It’s time to start paying off those staggering student loans, after all.) But, regardless of whether or not you get gainful employment right off the bat, you’re going to need to start acting more like an adult. You’re a college graduate, for crying out loud.

While being an adult means that you have more responsibilities, it also means you need to broaden your drinking horizons. Sure, nobody is going to fault you for throwing back a few cheap, adjunct lagers from time to time (you do have those aforementioned student loans hovering over your head). But you should also at least learn the basics of cocktailing.

And no, we’re not talking about reading books on advanced mixology or attending a bartending school to entertain your thirsty friends (unless you want to). We’re referencing a few tricks and tips you should know as a new graduate who enjoys a good drink from time to time. Keep scrolling to see all of the techniques, tools, and ingredients you should become acquainted with as soon as possible.


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