Weird News of the Day: Subway-Obsessed Couple Ties Knot at Favorite Sandwich Chain, That’s the Only Foot-Long She’ll Ever Get

Photo: Nic Antaya for Subway

While many people simply select a beautiful (sometimes scenic) venue for their wedding photos that they have no connection to, others pick a location that is near and dear to their heart. This is usually a place that carries some type of sentimental value. Maybe it’s a beach they visited on one of their first dates. Perhaps it’s a park they used to hike in. Or maybe it’s a Subway sandwich shop where they purchased their favorite $5 foot-longs.

Whether you find this bizarre or not, this is the case with Julie Bushart and Zack Williams of Livonia, Michigan. The pair met at a Subway back in December of 2017 when they struck up a conversation while waiting to order food. This is why the duo decided that the exterior of the restaurant was the perfect location for their wedding photos.

Photo: Nic Antaya for Subway

It all came to be when Subway heard about this sub-centric match and decided to reach out to the couple to help set up the photo shoot. They even provided a Subway wrapped convertible for use in the photos. To take the pictures, the now-married couple stopped in between the ceremony and reception.

As silly as it might seem to us, this restaurant clearly has an important meaning to them. If neither had stopped in that day, they probably would have never met. That seems pretty special to us. Much better than some lame beach or park.


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