Meanwhile in Australia: 41-Year-Old Virgin Posts Ad For Equally Inexperienced Partner, Sounds Like a Steve Carell Sequel That Needs to Be Made

Remember The 40-Year-Old Virgin, that brilliant comedy by Judd Apatow starring Steve Carell? Well, it appears that life is imitating reality in a stranger-than-fiction-style news story out of Australia.

Meet Daniel Piechnick, a 41-year-old from Adelaide who’s looking for true love online (that might be his first mistake). The internet entrepreneur and investor launched a website on which he posted an online ad describing himself and his perfect match. Among his must-haves? A virgin…aka someone as inexperienced in sex as himself.

“When I was younger, I spent all my time on business,” he explains in the video. “I didn’t really have time for a partner, and I didn’t really look.”

But despite meeting some “nice young women,” he’s still single – because good luck finding someone who hasn’t indulged any hanky-panky by his age.

“What I realized is that no one really does that,” he laments. “It’s really difficult to find someone who hasn’t had a partner, or hooked up before.”

But he isn’t giving up on his quest to find “someone to do everything, right from the start, with.” (No pressure!)

And no, this isn’t the plot of a 40-Year-Old Virgin sequel, though perhaps someone should notify Apatow.

It appears Piechnick hasn’t found The One yet, as his website is marked “current, as of September 2021.”

We wish this poor sap good luck, but also suggest he expand his search criteria a bit. A little experience in the sack never hurt anybody…

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