Mandatory Funniest Tweets About Aunt Jemima’s New (Terrible) Brand Name

People have strong opinions about syrup – and they aren’t afraid to share them. Twitter was all abuzz following the announcement that the Aunt Jemima brand of syrup and pancake mix has been given a new (terrible) brand name: Pearl Milling Company.

Um, yeah. A bunch of marketing professionals got (over)paid to come up with that. And it’s the best they could do.

The new moniker comes from the Missouri mill that originally produced the pancake mix that became the Aunt Jemima brand in 1889. The name change was long overdue and necessary; even Quaker Oats, which owns the brand (which is in turn owned by Pepsi Co.), acknowledges that the former mascot was based on a “racial stereotype” – that of a 19th-century “mammy” who served white masters.

While Pearl Milling Company is something of an improvement on Aunt Jemima, it isn’t very catchy – and might even be downright confusing. It doesn’t conjure pancakes doused in syrup at all. But it is ripe for hot takes. Here are the funniest Twitter reactions to the new name.

Cover Photos: Pepsi Co.

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