Rad Power Bikes Make the Perfect Gift to Yourself This Holiday, An Affordable Electric Thrill-Ride Alternative During Uncertain Times

The holidays are supposed to be more about the giving than the getting, but let’s be honest: the getting is where it’s at. And since no one knows you as well as you do, you are uniquely qualified to pick out presents for yourself.

When you were a kid, all you wanted to see under the Christmas tree was a brand-new bike. Now you’re all grown up and not much has changed. Given what a shitshow 2020 has been (and an often underwhelming one at that), you’re probably just as much in need of a thrill ride as we are. The only problem? Your budget is tight. (Thanks, government, for not coming through on that second stimulus check.)

Well, we have a way for you to get your endorphins pumping without breaking the bank. They’re called Rad Power Bikes, and they’re top-notch for both transportation and leisure riding. The RadMission1 Electric Metro Bike is the company’s most accessible model, and today we’re breaking down its selling points. (As if you need convincing; this bike is a love-at-first-sight experience.) Prepare to meet the two-wheeler of your childhood dreams.

Cover Photo: Rad Power Bikes

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