10 Inventions That Would Have Been Better Off Never Existing

Not all inventions make our lives better. For every solar panel pumping out clean energy, there’s a gas-guzzling ATV running over Bambi. They’re loud, bad for the environment and they flip over a lot. Don’t get us wrong. We love new gadgets as much as the next gearhead. Geeking out on the sleek design of a new electric car or drone distracts from our daily miseries. Witnessing a new medical device or ocean-cleaning robot gives us hope for the future. Still, technology is a double-edged sword.

And we don’t mean doubled-edged sword in a good kill-more-attacking-zombies way. No, it’s more like in a bad cut-off-your-fingers-and-everyone-laughs-at-you way. Sure, some of the following inventions are cool, useful or fun. Some may even help people in certain situations, even while hurting more in others. We may even love some of these contraptions, but we’re not sold on their benefit to humanity. We run down 10 inventions that humanity might be better off if it had never invented in the first place.

Cover Photo: Ibusca (Getty Images)

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