Future Tech: 10 Provocative Inventions So Weird You Have to Have Them

How do you open a public restroom door without getting poop molecules on your hands? Is there a way to search for buried treasure on a beach walk while double-fisting brewskis? Can your baby also function as a mop? If you’ve ever asked yourself one or more of these questions, you should probably talk to a shrink ASAP. Or, if shopping is your therapy, then we have you covered with this list of provocative inventions.

Some of these inventions are dumb and smart at the same time. Others are so strange you’ll wonder if they’re actually elaborate practical jokes. Whatever you think of them, all these zany gadgets are for sale on an internet near you. Even if you don’t need a 360-degree umbrella or vibrating jeans, don’t you really want them anyway? We review 10 of the most bizarre and provocative inventions you definitely can live without but are probably going to buy anyways.

Cover Photo: Amazon

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