You’d Never Believe These 10 Products Exist, But You’ll Need To Have Them

For most of 2020, many of us had to stick to buying only the essential stuff (if you could even find it). Things are still far from normal, but don’t you deserve to treat yourself as a reward for surviving this shit show of a year?

And if you’re gonna get yourself a little something, why make it boring? Instead, go for one of these 10 items you didn’t know existed—like a fitness tool for your face, a bidet with a night-light, or a pen that doesn’t run on ink—but totally need to have. There’s a lot more here you’ll want to see, and the best part? Everything’s on sale.

The Pen That Never Runs Dry. Literally.

The Forever Pininfarina Cambiano Inkless Pen is a sleek work of art that doubles as a writing tool. Crafted by two of the finest design companies in Italy, this wooden pen with a modern aluminum shell runs forever, with zero need for an ink, lead, or graphite refill. Writing things by hand may be a dying art, but this inkless pen is so dope, it’ll make you want to send someone a handwritten card or take notes during a meeting on actual paper.

Buy now: Get the Forever Pininfarina Inkless Pen for $64.99, or 49 percent off the retail price of $129.95.

Get a Facelift Without Going Under the Knife

Your daily fitness routine includes workouts for your arms, legs, chest, and abs — why shouldn’t your face be part of the action? Thanks to Jawzrsize Facial Fitness, you can now get toned facial muscles, as well as that chiseled jawline you’ve always dreamed of. Jawzrsize is a new exercise product for anybody looking to achieve a slimmer face, reduce the double-chin effect, or tone, firm, and strengthen that whole area in general. It also enhances digestion and increases metabolism. All you have to do is bite down on it and do about 100–200 reps daily; in about a month, you can start to see incredible results.

Buy now: Get Jawzrsize for $42.99, or 60 percent off the retail price of $109.85.

Get Accurate Measurements With No Stress

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Rulers and tape measures are so outdated. They’re kinda clumsy, they can’t really measure curved surfaces, and they don’t fit comfortably in your pocket. This is why Rollova created a much better upgrade: the 2.0 Digital Ruler. All you need to do is roll this bad boy once over the surface you need to measure – whether curved or straight – and it gives you 100 percent accurate figures. It’s also really small and pocket-friendly, so that’s a plus.

Buy now: Get Rollova for $76.99, or 13 percent off the retail price of $89.

Does Your Bidet Come With a Soothing Night-Light?

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Night-lights help guide you on your in-the-dark 3 a.m. trips to the bathroom, but did you know that having one in your actual bedroom disrupts natural melatonin production, which affects the quality of your slumber? This is where SlimGlow comes in. Their bidet attachment comes with a built-in night-light (meaning it stays in the bathroom), and it also features a sleek incline to complement your natural position, making it all that much easier to stay half-asleep. You can also control your clean with the comfort grip pressure knob and dual-nozzle options. This bidet attachment is super easy to install – just connect directly to your fresh water supply with the provided brass adapter and braided metal hose.

Buy now: Get SlimGlow for $49.99, or 36 percent off the retail price of $79.

Kill Germs With a Self-Cleaning Glove

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Our lives kind of depend on staying away from germs these days, and that might hard to keep up with since those little buggers are lurking everywhere. But not with this Snapback Glove, which conveniently hangs from your belt on a retractable cord until you need it to pick up an object, open a door, sign a receipt, and more. It also has anti-viral and antimicrobial properties that help to keep the outside of the glove clean and limit the transmission of viruses or bacteria from surface to surface.

Buy now: Get the Snapback Glove for $28, or 24 percent off the retail price of $37.

The Key That’s Better Than a Swiss Army Knife

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Ever seen a key that works as a box opener, a wrench, a screwdriver, a ruler, a protractor, a can/bottle opener, and even a smoking pipe? No? Then meet the versatile Geekey that’s basically an entire toolbox in one portable key.

Buy now: Get Geekey for $22.99, or 58 percent off the retail price of $55.95.

Eat Your Cereal On the Go

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The CrunchCup is a dual-chamber, reusable, dishwasher-safe cereal cup, designed for you to eat your breakfast on the go. Simply add your cereal into the inner cup, pour milk into the outer cup, screw the lid and cup back together, and you’re ready to crunch. The milk and cereal don’t meet until they’re in your mouth. Never miss the most important meal of the day again.

Buy now: Get the CrunchCup for $19.99, or 33 percent off the retail price of $30.

The Easiest Way to Inspect Clogged Pipes

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In this age of social distancing, you might feel a bit paranoid about calling in a plumber or an electronics technician to check out your clogged pipes or broken fridge. You can unlock your inner handyman with the Sinji Borescope Camera. This flexible, waterproof camera goes over 16 feet into hard-to-reach areas and takes photos and videos of what’s what, making it easier to get faults fixed. The camera connects to phones via Wi-Fi and works with the Borescope app for Android and iOS. It also comes with a hook and magnet to help you retrieve lost keys and other items.

Buy now: Get the Sinji Flexible Borescope Camera for $32.95, or 33 percent off the retail price of $49.89.

Take Your Fireplace With You, Wherever You Go

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Not everyone can afford a massive fireplace in their home or for their yard, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with flames anyway. FLÎKR presents Fire2, a portable, aesthetically-pleasing personal fireplace that gives you 50 minutes of burn time with just 5 ounces of isopropyl rubbing alcohol. It emits zero carbon monoxide and is even safe to cook over. If you’re missing those summer bonfires, you can make s’mores over the FLÎKR and trade stories (or something more) with a few friends over Houseparty.

Buy now: Get the FLÎKR Personal Fireplace for $79.99, or 15 percent off the retail price of $95.

Light Up Your Minimalist Life

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This Portable Waterproof Light from MOGICS is the perfect addition to any minimalist setting. This lamp features four illumination modes, from brightest to “breathing,” to adapt to your changing preference. Featuring a unique valve design, this foldable light self-inflates within seconds, ensures no air leak, and maintains its bounce and sturdiness. It’s also entirely waterproof inside-out thanks to nanotech on every component – bring it out to the pool and relax in the ambiance.

Buy now: Get the MOGICS Coconut Lamp for $36.99, or 24 percent off the retail price of $49.

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