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DIY Haircuts: 12 Things to Consider Before You Shave Your Own Head on a Whim

Like a lot of things we once took for granted before the coronavirus pandemic, getting a haircut used to be easy. You walked into a barbershop and said what style you wanted. Or, you showed a picture of your girl’s celebrity crush. Then, you sat back and let them work. The only exception was if your barber talked your ear off. Even worse was when they asked you a question or tried to sell you an overpriced CD of their acoustic Tekashi 6ix9ine cover band. Like, how do you even answer without messing up the fade? Also, we don’t really want the person holding a blade a few centimeters from our carotid artery to be multitasking.

Alas, the risks of getting a haircut today are much worse than exposure to bad music. Some states are letting barbershops open. Unfortunately, having someone breathe directly on your face for an hour seems like a great way to spread a respiratory virus. Like us, many folks don’t want to risk it for a haircut. But what if your tresses are so long they pose a fire hazard when your smoke weed? If you’re considering shaving your own head as the solution, here’s a list of 12 things to consider before going all lawnmower man on your own dome.

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