The 13 Most Embarrassing Things Your Roommate Has Definitely Heard You Do, Study Shows

Having a roommate with whom you live in close quarters means that you’ll get to know each other…maybe too well. It’s inevitable that you’ll be privy to the most private details of their life, some of which you’ll wish you didn’t know. Unfortunately, that too-close-for-comfort feeling is mutual. Your roommate has the dirt on you, too. Don’t believe us? Take it from a new study by QS Supplies. It asked 512 Brits and 510 Americans for some real talk regarding cohabitation. Most shocking was what housemates overheard while living together. With coronavirus quarantine in full swing, and no escape from the people we live with for the foreseeable future, these stats are doubly troubling. Check yourself before you mortify yourself. These are the 13 most embarrassing things your roommate has definitely heard you do.

Cover Photo: Darren Robb (Getty Images)

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