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Constant Cravings: What to Do When Her Sexual Appetite Is Much Bigger Than Yours

Every man says he wants a woman with a big sexual appetite because it sounds like fun — and at first, it is, probably because you chalk this up to your own prowess. You consider yourself quite the Lothario, so it shocks you when all of a sudden, you’re the one who has a headache. Instead of fixating on what it means that she wants sex more than you, you need to remember that her libido, however high it may seem, is normal and natural. You just need to learn how to keep up. We’ll help you navigate the sticky situation of being with a woman whose sexual appetite is much bigger than yours.

Photo: Vasyl Dolmatov (Getty Images)

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How have you handled being with a woman who wants sex more than you do? Let us know how you handled it (and her) in the comments!

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