Holiday Rice Krispies as Big as Your Head (And Diabetes Faster Than a Speeding Bullet)

If you’re anything like us, your childhood was full of gooey, marshmallow-bound Rice Krispies treats. As an adult, you can buy all the ingredients to make your own pan of this nostalgic, sweet cereal bar. Or, you can just buy a 32-ounce pre-made block of the good stuff. Yes, you read that right: 32 whole ounces of crispy, mouth-watering magic is now available from Walmart.

There’s absolutely no way this will fit in a stocking, but the holidays are here and since it’s the season of giving, it’s the perfect time to gift this behemoth (and save one for yourself as well) to that special someone in your life. You can even unwrap this monstrosity and decorate it with buttercream frosting, crushed up candy canes, or holiday sprinkles if you please. Or, you could be like us and unwrap it and immediately start shoving it into your face before chugging eggnog while you watch Christmas Vacation for the third time this holiday season.

The best part? This massive holiday treat is only $9. And if you’re too lazy to get in your car, you can order it from the store’s website. If you act quickly, it’ll probably even arrive before Christmas.

Photo: LongHa2006 (Getty Images)

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