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12 Reliable Dating Hacks For the Socially Anxious

Dating is rough enough as it is, but if you suffer from social anxiety, it can feel downright torturous. Whether your anxiety manifests physically (racing heartbeat, upset stomach, trembling, the sweats) or mentally (fearfulness, over-analysis, critical thoughts), managing your symptoms while trying to charm someone new is quite the challenge. Rather than surrender to a life of loneliness, it’s crucial to keep showing up and attempting to socialize, even if your efforts are awkward and imperfect. Like a lot of things, the more you date, the better you’ll get at it, and the more confident you’ll become. We’ve rounded up our best dating hacks to help you get back in the game and find the love (or just the fling) you’re looking for.

Cover Photos: avid_creative (Getty Images)

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