The Mandatory Dating Guide to Being With a Sober Person (And How Awkward It Is For Everyone)

So, you’ve met someone new that you like, but they’re sober. Although your immediate reaction is to silently scream “Yikes!” in your head, they’re hot enough that you’re willing to muscle through a conversation with a person who does not need social lubrication. Except, you know on some level it will never work. Even though you don’t get wrecked daily, you’re still a next-level party monster and they’re done with that shit. If the deafening crescendo of their sobriety still hasn’t scared you away, you’ll need help navigating this inevitable mess. And we’re here to help you do it. This is your guide to dating a sober person (and how awkward it is for both of you).

Photo: gpointstudio (Getty Images)

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What’s been your experience dating a sober person? Or, if you’re the sober person, what’s it been like to date a drunk mess? Let us know in the comments!

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