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Sober Dating: 14 Alcohol-Free Ideas to Make Up For the Lack of Liquor in Your Bloodstream

Alcohol can’t be the focus of every date. (OK, it can, but that might be problematic.) Whether you’re doing a DIY detox from the hard stuff, can’t afford pricey cocktails for two, or are in recovery (or dating someone who is), there’s plenty of fun to be had even when drinking isn’t on the menu. A sober date allows you to get to know someone without the boozy bravado and false confidence that often accompany a buzz. Alcohol-free outings also encourage you to date at different times of the day and try new activities. And, hey, if it doesn’t work out the way you hoped, you can always hit the bar or the bottle on your way home. (Unless you’re in recovery, in which case, get thee to a meeting.)

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