13 GIFs That Aptly Portray How You Feel the Morning After Your 21st Birthday

So, you finally made it to your 21st birthday. You can legally drink that sweet, sweet elixir known as alcohol. If you have a good crew of friends, they’ll probably throw you a banger of a party to celebrate this momentous occasion. You’ll drink an obscene amount of beer and partake in many shots of vodka, whiskey, or tequila. Thanks to beer pong, flip cup, and rousing renditions of LMFAO’s “Shots,” it will likely be the best night of your life…and you’ll definitely regret everything the next morning when you wake up with a behemoth of a hangover. To help you remain cautious (and maybe slightly less hungover), we’ve put together a collection of GIFs that perfectly portray how you’ll feel the morning after your 21st birthday soiree. Check them all out below and drink up!

Photo: XiXinXing (Getty Images)

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