Lowered Sexpectations: 8 Ways You’re Completely Disappointing Her in Bed

It isn’t easy to please a woman in bed. Each woman’s preferences are different and every woman’s body is its own unique wonderland. But just because satisfying her is a challenge doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, and try hard. Whether or not the sex is good primarily rests on your (strong, manly) shoulders. If it’s bad, not only will you likely never see her again, you might not even know how you failed because some women will just keep their bedroom let-downs to themselves. But a recent Between Us Clinic survey of 1,040 women revealed that 41 percent of women would not date a man who couldn’t keep it up and 25 percent would break up because of it. That’s why we’re unpacking the ways you might be disappointing her in bed. Change your ways now, lover boy, and ensure the action never stops.

Cover Photo: Cardmaverick (Getty Images)

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