Whiskey Business: Free Drams Of 51-Year-Old Scotch Are Up For Grabs From This Distillery

Photo: Erik Witsoe / EyeEm (Getty Images)

One of the first things you learn in economics class is that there’s nobody will give you something for free without requiring something in return. Apparently, the folks at Scotland’s Craigellachie Distillery never took economics class because they want to give you a dram of 51-year-old Scotch for absolutely nothing.

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If you don’t know a lot about Scotch, a bottle of 50-plus year-old whisky would sell for thousands of dollars. Even a simple dram might set you back $50 to $100 dollars depending on the age. But, for some insane reason, from May 7 to 9, Craigellachie (as well as a few others) will give it away for free.

Now, the catch: you have to go to Bar 51, a pop-up bar in a secret location in lower Manhattan. Only 150 Scotch fans will get the bar’s location and a chance to try the whisky for free. To enter, visit The contest closes on Sat., April 27, so time’s a-wasting.

Aren’t one of the lucky ones? No worries. We’ve gathered together a collection of our favorite Scotch whiskies. No silly contest required.

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