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The Mandatory Gentleman’s Guide To Having Sex In Public

Photo: BraunS (Getty Images)

Public sex: It’s happening all around you, whether you know it or like it.

Being in the throes of passion can really raise the stakes when it comes to hooking up, especially, if you’re nowhere near home and just can’t wait to get it on. If you’ve found yourself in this exact situation, totally unprepared and suddenly in flagrante on the top of Diamond Head in Oahu, while cars pass by honking, you’re obviously not alone.

You are, however, violating about a dozen laws to get down and dirty in public. Which is why we’re stepping in with a Mandatory Gentleman’s Guide to Having Sex in Public.

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Instead of painting the public with your DNA, followed by a series of unfortunate events, here’s how to have sex in public like the gentleman you always pretend to be. We know you’re in there, guys.


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For those of you who went pro with getting down in public, what lesson did you learn the hard way? Tell us your best tips in the comments!

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