17 Moments Couples Got Caught Having Sex In Public

Photo: Ullstein Bild (Getty)

Hey, who doesn’t love a good sex confession? Well, we obviously do since we dive right into them once we get word of them, so don’t mind us as we present another batch of sex confessions thanks to good old Whisper. So while we’ve shared the worst moments people have had sex cross their mind, as well as confessions of business trip hook ups that will make you question if you ever want to let your partner go on a trip ever again, this time around we have a whole new set of confessions: People caught having sex in public.

So if your relationship is dying and in dire need of a spark, just do the deed somewhere out in public, as the risk of being caught will be enough to get your relationship back in the good swing of things. Now that’s true love. And now check out 17 times people were caught having sex.

















So remember, if you’re going to go out and partake in your favorite activity in public, make sure you don’t get caught by anyone. Unless you want to, then by all means enjoy.

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