Beer Fast for Lent

Brewery Worker Goes On Crazy Beer-Fueled Fast For Lent

Photo: SeventyFour (Getty Images)

Every year, for the 40 days before Easter Sunday, Christians all over the world decide to give something up for Lent. Similar to New Year’s resolutions, this usually includes things like chocolate, smoking, drinking, swearing, and carbs. But one Ohio brewery worker has decided to give up something a little strange for Lent. He’s not going to eat anything and he’s only going to drink two things: water and beer.

His name is Del Hall and he works for Fifty West Brewing Company in Cincinnati and this is more than just a marketing campaign for the small craft brewery. In fact, since this story has gained national traction, he pretty much has to go along with it for at least a week. That is, until he starts walking around and seeing everything (and everyone) as giant smoked hams and roasted chickens like in a Daffy Duck cartoon from the ‘50s.

Fasting during Lent while enjoying a beer or two isn’t anything new. It’s actually based on Bavarian monks who would fast during Lent, only drinking bock beer. Those beers were made to be like “liquid bread,” but it remains to be seen what beers Hall will be drinking. All we can say is: good luck. We enjoy bacon too much. And macaroni and cheese. Oh yeah, and pretty much anything that’s fried.

This makes us think about what wintry beers we’d drink for 40 or so days without any food if we really had to (probably not a great idea). Check out our choices below. Which beers would you pick?

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