Shamrock Shake

Lucky You: The Shamrock Shake Is Back

Photo: McDonald’s

The year seems to be put together in blocks based on seasons and holidays. Even though it’s February, we feel like we just made our way through the gauntlet that is “the holidays.” From mid-November until early January, we are inundated with social engagements and holiday-themed food and drink. We just passed Valentine’s Day and all the nausea-inducing red hearts, chocolate, and flowers. This means we are officially headed towards one of our favorite holidays at full speed. St. Patrick’s Day means green beer, lots of Irish whiskeys, and most importantly the iconic Shamrock Shake.

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Even though the Irish-themed holiday is a month away, McDonald’s announced this week that the beloved milkshake is back for a limited time. Other chains have tried to imitate the drink, but nobody can match the overall magic (is it the luck of the Irish?) that is the Shamrock Shake.

According to McDonald’s, the shake is made with their “creamy, dreamy vanilla soft serve blended with Shamrock Shake syrup and topped with delicious whipped topping.” It is delicious, but what exactly is “Shamrock Shake syrup?” What’s the flavor? We always felt like it was minty, but there’s also a sneaky, subtle lime flavor in there. We guess that’s why it’s just referred to by the milkshake’s name instead of an actual flavor.

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The treat first arrived on the menu in 1970 and we look forward to it every year. In all honesty, we don’t care what the flavor is. McDonald’s could come out with a press release saying that the mystery flavor is ground up cockroaches (don’t worry, we assume it isn’t) and we’d still order them every year. Extra points if you add a little Irish whiskey to your Shamrock Shake.


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