Eat Your Way Through Valentine’s Day With These Heart-Shaped Foods

Photo: Lisovskaya (Getty Images)

The human heart doesn’t remotely resemble the strange shape that popular culture has decided the heart should look like. There’s a big reason why: it’s pleasing to the eyes and easy to distinguish. The novelty heart is the perfect shape to fill with chocolate, make into a pizza, or, if you visit the British retailer Marks & Spencer, a sausage. The chain released a tweet this week with an image of a heart-shaped sausage that’s been “lightly-truffled” (whatever that means) and wrapped in bacon. Because no heart-shaped sausage would be complete without ingredients that could literally stop your actual heart.

This strange offering has us shaking our heads and wondering just how far the heart-shaped trend will go. There are so many heart-shaped food items on the market already. From chocolate to pizza and pretty much everything in between, here are the best heart-shaped foods to eat your feelings this Valentine’s Day.

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