Chocoholics, Your Dream Job Is Accepting Applications

Photo: Ljupco (Getty Images)

Saying that chocolate is delicious is a Titanic understatement. It’s sweet, rich, and sometimes bitter depending on the type of chocolate. In a world where people can’t seem to agree on much of anything, a love for chocolate is almost universal. Honestly, if you don’t like chocolate, we don’t have anything to say to you except that you may be a monster. Obviously, we love chocolate. But, it’s more of an after-dinner (or mid-day) treat than a career, right? Wrong. A fair trade chocolate brand just announced every chocoholic’s dream job.

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Tony’s Chocolonely is in search of a staff to operate its Chocotruck. If you guessed that’s a truck where you drive around and “spread chocolatey goodness,” then you’re correct. The brand is currently looking for three people to go on a multi-city tour all the while manning the chocolate-filled conveyance. You’ll also learn all about the chocolate industry, receive a competitive salary, get a ton of perks, and eat more chocolate than Augustus Gloop.

Photo: Tony’s Chocolonely

“Maybe I’m biased, but these are the best jobs ever. I mean…getting paid to go on a road trip in an epic Chocotruck with the goal of making the world a better place? Yes, please,” said Dena White, U.S. marketing manager for Tony’s Chocolonely, in a press release. “We’re very crazy about chocolate and we want to share the fun with choco fans across the country. But don’t be mistaken. We’re very serious about our mission. Everything we do is to achieve a single goal: to make all chocolate worldwide 100 percent slave-free. The Chocotruck is our way of taking our mission on the road and sharing our story with as many new friends as we can.”

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If you think you’re the right man or woman for the job, you can apply now through Feb. 12. If you’re selected, you’ll start your journey in Austin, Texas at SXSW before heading on to Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berkeley, Eugene (Oregon), Portland (Oregon and Tony’s Chocolonely U.S. headquarters), and Seattle. You’ll finish in Chicago.