Aphrodisiac Cocktails To Get You In The Mood This Valentine’s Day

Photo: Cultura RM Exclusive/Antonio Saba (Getty Images)

February is the month for love, whether that’s love for someone you’re already with or the potential love that might be just around the corner. But not everyone has an easy time finding love. It’s as elusive as a funny Adam Sandler movie after 2005 or a dish that isn’t overpowered by adding only a pinch of cilantro. Luckily, there are ways to find love that don’t involve completely changing your personality in order to get someone to like you. That’s because there are various substances in nature called aphrodisiacs (or “love drugs”) that, when consumed, naturally increase the libido. Our favorite way to consume them? In a cocktail, of course.

Obviously, if someone doesn’t already have feelings for you, drinking a cocktail containing an aphrodisiac isn’t really going to do anything to free you from the annual cycle of spending every Valentine’s Day with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s while you binge watch Netflix.

But if you do have a better half or a crush with whom to celebrate Valentine’s Day, do yourself a favor and make them a drink.

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