CES 2019 Has Potentially Biggest Tech Fail of the Year (And It’s Only January)

Startup Lora DiCarlo was banned from exhibiting Osé, a sex toy for women, at CES 2019. Photo: GLENN CHAPMAN / Contributor (Getty Images)

The judges were having way more fun than anyone else at CES 2019 in Las Vegas (and it’s not from the free buffet). Judges have just awarded a distinction in the Robots and Drone category to the best women’s sex toy ever conceived. Osé won the CES Robots Innovations Awards, claiming 10 for 10 orgasms every time.

Not surprisingly, people were buzzing to try it, until it became potentially the biggest tech fail of the year (and it’s only January). Here’s a quick rundown on the best thing to come out of CES 2019.

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