Mandatory’s 7 CES 2019 Stories To Follow

Photo: China News Service/Contributor (Getty Images)

It’s January, which can only mean one thing. CES 2019 is upon us. Emanating every year out of Sin City, the show formally known as the Consumer Electronics Show is the place to be if you want to see what kind of tech every company has been tinkering with for the last year. It may not be as flashy as E3 or as noteworthy as an Apple showcase, but it is more than the refrigerator showcase that some joke about online. Poking around the show floor will always give you a few glimpses into possible attainable futures.

So, we here at Mandatory have done that digging. Past the nonsense and the press conferences, we’ve picked out a lucky number of stories that tech enthusiasts will be buzzing about for the next six months at least. We’re sure something new will capture their attention by the time fall rolls around, either that or we all collectively decide to stop using phones and tablets. One of the two. Anyway, tech moves fast, but you can slow down and brose through the seven Mandatory stories coming out of 2019’s CES showcase.

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